Monday, September 21, 2015

The one who makes the most rules, wins!

I love rules! They maintain peace in a world of chaos. They create a standard for living to a greater potential. Without rules, society plummets to a free-for-all environment where people do and say whatever they like without taking heed of social convention, thereby resulting in selfishness, unmet needs, and dissension.
In language, rules ensure words and phrases are understood in order to convey a clear message. If rules are followed in math, the correct answer is inevitable. Just as rules for driving keep people safe and prevent road rage, rules for living create a roadmap where decisions are clear, and negative consequences are rare.
Rules are exceptional for everyday living. For example:
 When eating nachos, you always start from the outside and work your way to the middle. 
When eating pizza, you first bite the corner then eat the crust. Finally, you finish with the middle.
 When eating any sandwich, you start with the corner then eat one half of the crust. You proceed to eat half of the middle then finish the other half of the crust. Finally, you finish in the middle. 
Do you see the pattern? Always save the best for last!
 When these rules are followed, an excellent dining experience in a cellphone-free environment, where everyone is sitting in the appropriate seat and using good manners, is ensured.


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