Monday, September 14, 2015

Tough nut to crack

I'm a tough nut to crack... According to my mother.
I read some where that gifted students deal with emotions differently than others. Some gifted kids feel more deeply, particularly as children. I believe that since their brains are more intellectually developed, their lack of socio-emotional development creates a disequilibrium. This may cause children to overanalyze their emotions and interpret them differently. A seemingly meaningless action becomes overtly meaningful with rumination. Nuances of tone and facial expression become symbols of deep emotion, interpreted for each social interaction. Once again, this phenomenon is not common to all gifted kids, because they are each unique.
Personally, this has been true for me. In fact, the need to analyze every emotion and properly categorize it leads to dwelling on emotion, reiterating the feelings and the situations that caused them. This action leads to depression.
In order to avoid these feelings, I have reverted to avoidance. Avoid situations of discomfort,  thereby avoiding painful emotions to be analyzed that, ultimately, lead to depression, anxiety, and frustration.
You may interpret my actions to be cold, or you may find me insensitive, or you may think I'm haughty. The truth is, you have more power to hurt me than you think. 

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