Monday, September 28, 2015

Side thought...

This particular post may not belong here; however, I believe it is apt, in light of the subject matter.
It has recently come to my attention that people all over the world have an innate need to analyze their personal characteristics and then offer explanations for those characteristics as seen through the lens of a particular ideology.
For example, personal characteristics may be attributed to biological processes, past trauma, parental upbringing, society's present state, and even astrological movements.
I have to wonder if these explanations for personal characteristics, and therefore behavior, serve as a vehicle on the path to betterment, or if they are simply excuses for bad behavior.
On the same note, I must consider my rationale for attributing my behaviors to gifted characteristics, under the guise of brain function. My hope is that by providing reasoning for certain behaviors, I can analyze those behaviors and their causes, thereby, creating a plan of action for overcoming limitations and utilizing strengths to full potential. Furthermore, understanding these conditions may help us guide our gifted kids in doing the same.
Whatever the motivation, let it never be a stumbling block on the path of towards perfection. Although perfection is an unattainable goal in this life, veering from the path or lack of forward motion results in wasted time and gifts.

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